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I had chronic pain in my shoulder for 20 years and assumed it was untreatable before getting treated by Marny. While the sub-scapular bursitis comes and goes, I had given up on hope for pain relief prior to getting acupuncture. Now I understand a monthly maintenance treatment will keep the pain at bay and life is much more enjoyable.
Julia Hecker, Berkeley

My husband and I were visiing from out-of-town and I was having some reaccuring back pain in which I see an acupuncturist at home. I was in trouble! A friend recommended Marny Culpepper. I called her last minute…. not only did she squeeze me in, but she was fantastic! I actually liked her more than my regular acupuncturist (bitter sweet). Because of her I was able to finish my trip pain free!
Jenny S, Berkeley

Marny Culpepper provided great therapy for a painful calcaneus fracture I spent 6 months dealing with. Each session meant reduced pain and swelling, and as importantly improved my spirits!
Paul T., Emeryville

I’ve been receiving acupuncture therapy from Marny Culpupper for over a year. She’s worked with me through my pregnancy, and afterward in different areas (i.e. allergies, stress, anxiety, etc.). Marny is an incredibly skilled healer and I always come away from each treatment feeling relaxed, yet energized, and grounded. Also, Marny has performed amazing bodywork on my back, neck and shoulders for stress release. She’s reliable, professional, and an all around pleasure to be treated by.
Arleen C., San Francisco

My disc herniation often leads to sciatic pain which radiates into my fingers and toes, palms and soles. Marny has been helping me focus on the pain and to experience it without letting it overwhelm me, giving me the opportunity to lead a more normal life. Speaking with natural healers calms my anxious nerves. Marny’s calm spirit always carries over into my life after our meetings. I can’t escape the pain, but I can accept it better now. Thank you! We are also doing work to boost my immunity and increase vitality, as I recently suffered a sinus infection. I feel comfortable recommending Marny Culpepper.
Ty P., San Francisco

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